Sunday, June 10, 2007

Being Productive

To do today:

1. Get ready for the day. No p.j.s today.
2. Get quarters for laundry.
3. Wash car.
4. Do six loads of laundry, including the corduroy I bought for my son's pants. Fold and put away.
5. Clean out cupboard by phone.
6. Sort misc. patterns that were left in a box after the big ren faire sewing rush for the scouts.
7. Separate the trims I bought for my son's new doublet and slops (the complicated set).
8. Separate the buttons that I bought for his current doublet.
9. test new recipe for low-salt goulash. Note: Turned out pretty tasty, but needs more garlic powder.
9. Clean out refrigerator.
10. Start working on my son's room. Oh. Lordy. - Update: Slightly delayed due to nap-taking. I swear, i only meant to lie down for 30 minutes. I even set the alarm. Too comfortable! Okay, mostly done. We have four more rubbermain tubs to sort through, but everything is mostly organized and purged. We even carried out the garbage (quite a few grocery bags worth, plus one box, and a broken Hot Wheels Volcano part). I am officially exhausted.
11. Cut out doublet. Not happening tonight. I am going to bed.

I think that is about all I can realistically accomplish today. I am already achy and tired from what I've finished so far. I have to be careful to rest in between tasks, or I am going to end up taking another four hour nap, and yet again wasting a good chunk of the day. As it is, I am going to sit down for a bit, and let my back recover from hauling laundry baskets up and down stairs.

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