Friday, June 22, 2007


I worked solid from 6:30 until about 10 minutes ago. I managed to get my son's shirt nearly done. I just have to hem it, and add the hooks and eyes to this collar and cuffs. Or maybe I will use ribbon ties, as it would probably be quicker.

The doublet is still in the same condition it was last night: lining not done, no buttons, and no button holes (or loops). And it just occurred to me that the quickest way of doing fastenings would be to get some simple clasps and have it close that way. Trip to JoAnn fabrics is needed tomorrow lunch hour.

Pants are not done yet. I bought a pair of black scrub pants, and am going to cut them off below the knee, make a drawstring, and for less than $10 and probably 20 minutes, INSTANT VENETIANS. I think I'll add a button to one side, to tie the ribbon around, to make it look more authentic.

Okay, can't stay awake a second longer. I have got to get to bed at a decent time tomorrow night... Luckily, it's $5 pizza night at Hy-Vee tomorrow... No cooking for me...

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