Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just in case anyone was wondering how things went on monday...

(I was sick yesterday, or this update would have happened earlier)

Monday, I had my consultation with neurology, and am scheduled for an MRI/MRA next Wednesday (pretty much an all day thing, once you count out an hour and a half for the procedures, then the appointment later in the day when they tell you what the MRI/MRA showed). They let slip that my heart tests appeared to be normal, and that the carotid arteries were less than 10% blocked (which is decent - they don't do surgery until they are 80% blocked, so that's one worry out of the way). My appointment with my doctor is on Monday, and that is when the "official" test results will be explained, and where she'll order more tests if needed to rule out even MORE things.

Good news then, is as follows:

Could have been:
1. Complex migraine with neurological symptoms. (It didn't feel like a migraine! I've had enough migraines, and this didn't feel anything like it. No light sensitivity, no nausea, my hands did not tingle, all things that normally happen during my migraines.)
2. Possibly a blood clot that went away on its own on the way to the ER

Low on the list:
10. MS, although the speech problem didn't last long enough (it would have been days rather than minutes. Here is where my sister, the nurse, said "MS is hard to diagnose, and it has to start somewhere." She just doesn't want me to let them rule it out right away, because the sooner I know, the better.)
11. A seizure: except it lasted too long for a seizure.
12. Vasculitis

The big "C" was not mentioned.

I had a bunch of blood drawn on Monday to test for a couple of things, and to prep for the MRI/MRA (they did a much better job here than in the Fort Dodge ER. No bruise at all from Monday. i still have a bruise from the ER, and that was nearly three weeks ago.).

So, all in all, it's been a pretty stressful last couple of weeks. I did manage to finally become caffeine free, and I am eating healthier (although I have an intense craving for pepperoni pan pizza from Pizza Hut, which is totally out of the ordinary). I'm making adjustments.

I am going to continue with all of my normal activities until my doctor says otherwise. I am a firm believer in having something to look forward to, and in keeping my hands busy. And I am looking forward to getting back to royal court rehearsals! ;) I miss my friends!

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