Thursday, June 21, 2007

Up too late.

But I managed to get a large amount of work done.

1. Lining machine sewn to shell where possible. The arm holes and a small section of the back have to be handsewn into place.
2. Cut out shirt (shortened by 6 inches front and back. This thing was to his knees.).
3. Sew neck gores to neckline. Wrong, of course, but I wasn't in the mood to rip it out and try again. So I made it work. Like anyone is going to see it.
4. Cut front slash, press to point, and turn over again to enclose raw edges. Hand sew into place, with an invisible stitch. This looks really good, but the stitches have to be so tiny that it took me an hour, and I am considered fairly fast at hand sewing.
5. Got 80% of the lining and shell at the arm hole slip stitched. The folly of using unbleached muslin as lining to a red garment have already been noted. Dumb, yes, but I already had the muslin, and was sick of spending money at the time. I didn't think it would even be seen, but I am discovering that it will show more than I want.

Time to write up my list of what needs to be done tomorrow.

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