Friday, June 08, 2007

New Project

Well, my son completely destroyed his garb from last year's Des Moines faire, which means that I have just two weeks to complete a new doublet, shirt, and knee length pants. We have a public appearance, as it were, on the 23rd at Valley West Mall.

I am ready for a challenge like this! This one is not going to be terribly complicated, as there just is not time, but it will be a good test for later garb.

I spent a good amount of time earlier this week working on altering the pattern for a doublet. I measured him carefully, consulted the complex measurement/size chart, and thought I had come up with a rock solid pattern that would need only minor adjustments.


So, tonight, I simply traced out two sizes larger, and put together a mock-up. Of course, tonight would have to be the one night when he actually went to sleep early, so I still don't know how much it will need to be taken in. My gut thought is that it is probably okay now.

I want this doublet to fit properly, but the problem is that he is a growing kid, and what fits now is not going to fit later this summer. So, I am making it a little longer than it should be, and hoping that an increase in activity and better eating habits will do the same thing for him that it will for me.

And yes, I had to put a "No Pizza!" post-it note on the phone tonight. A little late, but better late than never. I have got to get this eating thing under control. Both of us need to change our habits. Right now, there are no snack foods other than fruit and veggies in the house, and that is NOT going to change. Of course, it doesn't help when you order pizza for dinner because you JUST CAN'T STAND IT anymore...

Okay, to get back on track and describe this project...

My son's doublet will be a deep red brocade, with a scroll pattern. It began life as a tablecloth that I found on clearance after Christmas. I bought three of them, at $5 each, 10 feet in length each. Originally, this was going to be for a gown for me, but I needed something for this doublet test. There will be more than enough leftover for a gown (hopefully - that pattern matching thing might be a bit of a problem), and I'll just make sure that we don't wear them on the same day. I think that I am going to make narrow sleeves, to help with the problem he has with getting his sleeves in things. His shirt will be white muslin, and the pants will be black pinwale corduroy (somewhat cheap, washable, and DYE-ABLE). Which reminds me, I need to order his tights... or else find a pair of used black boots in a size ten (then hope his feet don't grow - right).

Okay, time for this rambling post to end. I have to get a good night's sleep tonight. We have rehearsal tomorrow afternoon! Opening day is less than three months away!

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