Friday, June 22, 2007

Evening list of accomplishments

In order to keep myself on track tonight, I am listing what still needs to be done on my son's garb:

1. Shirt - DONE
2. Pants - DONE
3. Socks, cut tights, and add top binding
4. Finish lining on doublet.
5. Add trim* to front of doublet, and sew buttons into place
6. Add trim to doublet collar.

* Clasps were way too expensive. There was no time to make button loops, not to mention the fact that there wasn't any satin cord in the color I needed to make the loops. However, I did find a nice wide trim that had loops on both sides, that just happened to be the right size to be used a button loops. Problem solved. I am adding the trim to the collar as well, to tie it all together.

I may even get to sleep tonight!

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