Thursday, June 15, 2006

Blonde Day

Today, with alarming regularity, I have felt like an absolute idiot.

Normally, I can pull up work-related memories fairly swiftly and accurately (because I write nearly everything that I do or plan to do in my notebooks). This morning, I honestly could not remember doing something that I must have done last July, and needed to reference today. Just not there. And nothing in my notebooks. Needle in a haystack search produced nothing.

(okay, quit laughing you know you wanna laugh at this.... Seriously, though. When you get used to being able to pull up some detail from the dregs of your memory, or at least be able to slap your head and say, "Oh, now I remember!" when someone says something that should provoke that type of response, and suddenly you have a hole where that memory should be - you'd feel pretty stupid, too.)

But it wasn't the only time I was made to feel stupid today...

Too many, "Duh, I get it now" moments, way later than they should have been. Not going to elaborate. I'll save this revelation for the pen-and-paper diary (because of course I have one of those, too, and have for 12 years, to go along with the work notebooks - on #7 for work).

I'm going to try to go do something that will at least let me delude myself that I am still somewhat more than an idiot.

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