Friday, June 02, 2006


When I was costuming furiously in anticipation for the Iowa Renaissance Faire, and the Nebraska Renaissance Faire, an evening at home, just hanging out doing nothing seemed like heaven.

The reality is that my son is in his room building a gigantic Hot Wheels track that spans pretty much the entire room, and I was on the couch, trying to start to read How to Make an American Quilt after finishing "Solar Lottery", by Philip K. Dick.

Yes, I am bored already.

I suppose that I could start the closet organization project, but from experience, I know that if I start now, I will be up until 1 am, at which point I will discover that I have to put everything back into the closet in order to have somewhere to sleep.

So, here I am. Online again.

Nothing going on.

Nothing to do.

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