Sunday, June 18, 2006


Morning so far:

8:30 am: Church
9:00 am: Dad's fireman pager goes off in church. Ran after him to get the house key.
9:30 am: Neighbors give us a ride home. Turn down our street to see smoke billowing across the road. Oh Crap.
9:30:30 am: Oh, neighbors burning trash. Get out of the car and it smells really FUNKY (as in sweet... someone was burning some weeds...)
9:35 am: Breakfast maker is not here, so I run out to the convenience store, and get some donuts.
10:00 am: Dad gets back - transformer fire near the grocery store. Big transformer fire, but they get it out okay. Good thing that's all it was, as it is really dry around here. The running joke is to ask if the town allows the firefighters to use water...
10:15 am: Ooo... Target flyer looks good today...

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