Monday, June 12, 2006

Where has the podcast been?

So, I was going to try to get another Geek Girl podcast finished, sometime in the beginning of May, but obviously that didn't happen. Then I had to get ready to go to the Nebraska Ren Faire, so it got pushed back to Sometime in June™. So here it is, the 12th already, and I have no podcast ready, and everything I was going to talk about is out of date, and no longer relevent. Or funny.

Actually, I'm having problems with the funny lately.

My head hurts tonight, and the asthma is not cooperating terribly well (and can the damn medicine taste any worse? It's like battery acid! I think I did it right this time, though. but yuck!).

Not conducive to funny.

However, I will have ample opportunity to find the funny this weekend... a visit to the hometown should provide moooore than enough opportunity. Especially since I heard through the grapevine that our one and only stoplight is malfunctioning...

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