Saturday, June 10, 2006

What's your motivation?

I need to clean house.


Having a twelve-year old makes this chore an ongoing event. No matter how I try, when my back is turned, legos and pieces of paper and string multiply out of control.

I want to vacuum this morning, but in the short time between when my son woke up, and I got out of bed, the mess is back.

So, here is my list for today, so that we can go to the musical matinee tomorrow afternoon:

1. FlyLady's Crisis Cleaning!!!!!!! 15 minutes in each area, three times, then a 15 minute break with my feet up. (and yes, the whole kitchen, living room, dining room, and hall are done!!!)
2. Dust.
3. Vacuum.
4. Clean the tub better, because that stupid contraption from lysol isn't working well with the body wash I use.
5. Mop floors.
6. Tackle my son's room. Because he has way more stuff than he needs, or even uses, and we need to reclaim space for other things.
7. Laundry. Forever laundry.

Time to get up and busy.

1 comment:

brainhell said...

When I was about seven I was given the chpore of vacuuming. Time for your 12yo to step up. I also emptied the trash weekly. And some other things. A 12yo can understand "If I find it left out, it goes away for a week, and if it happens again, it goes to Goodwill."