Sunday, June 18, 2006

Photos and Trip Fun!

Mom and Dad, being goofy

Trip Photo Set

We had a great time this weekend... Lots of stuff going on.

My mom and dad and I made a huge amount of food, invited the grandparents over for dinner, and sat and talk for hours. Dad made the most amazing ribs I have ever tasted. We wanted to hide them, and tell the grandparents that dad burned them to a crisp, but we were nice and shared.

Side shot of Dad's Famous Ribs
Would you share these???? Mmmm....

Dad bought a pellet gun, to scare the birds away, so he and my son had a little competition with an unfortunate Pepsi can. My son won. Shock! LOL... I was too busy cooking to get to play much... :(


Later, Dad had to go tow some idiot's car - high speed chase, they were throwing drugs out of the car, finally got stopped and arrested. Dumb kid is already out on bond...

After the grandparents left, Dad, my son and I went outside to make s'mores in the chimnea. My son had raided the lint filter in the dryer, and had prepared the wood earlier in the day. One match, and it took.

Getting ready for s'mores

Very good fire! We sat outside and talked, I had a great margerita (José!!!), and in general had a great time catching up. Too. Many. Marshmallows. Mom was too tired, so she used the microwave for hers, and went to bed early.

Later, I fell asleep waiting for Movie Star to come home.

Somehow I overlooked that the alarm clock was not only not set, but also blinking at me. Mom woke me up at 7:10, and I scrambled to get ready for church. Somehow, I managed to shave my legs in the shower, but didn't manage to avoid the ice cold shock when Movie Star started her bathwater in the old bathroom. Freeeeeezzzzeeeeee!!!!!!!!

We got to church early enough to catch the tail-end of the rosary, so I don't think I held us up any by waking up late... About 20 minutes into the service, Dad's firefighter pager went off, so he had to leave. He had just gotten to the doors when Mom sent me after him for the house key... Movie Star had already left for the I-Cubs game with her boyfriend, so we'd be stuck outside!

Luckily, we caught a ride home with some neighbors. We had a short moment of panic when we turned down our street, as smoke was billowing across the road. Luckily, it was someone burning trash or maybe something else... Mom and I looked at each other as we got out of the car, and we both said, "It smells like a rock concert!!!" Not happy....

After my dad got home from the fire, which ended up being a transformer across the street from the grocery store, we got ready to go to my grandparents' house for a barbeque. And much fun and food was had by all....

Enjoying the new porch...

After dinner, my grandpa proposed a toast...

Celebration time!!!
Only the finest champagne and crystal will do for our family...

Yes, bathroom cups can double as champagne glasses

Greater Crater Days are next weekend, and we may end up making trip again. Can't miss the parade, after all...

And I found out that Manson has a new semi-pro football team???? WT*??? I'll have to find the article online and link to it... Cra-ZY!!!


Iowa Bruisers introduced - Team holds media night in MansonM

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What fun! I love your kid's shirt! :)