Sunday, June 04, 2006

From the "It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time" Department

I should never go to Goodwill on a whim.

It all started because I wanted to find a small chest of drawers to put in my closet to hold my costuming fabric (my room is overrun with sewing stuff!).

They did not have what I was looking for, but I did spot something else I had been wanting to buy for my son for a loooong time.

You see, my son's bedroom is painfully small. It is about 10'x12', but it has high ceilings, like the rest of the apartment.

So, when I saw that silver loft (two of them, actually) sitting in Goodwill, my mind started churning. I looked carefully at the construction of the loft. Would it come apart? Yes... Would the pieces fit in my car? Well... lashed into the trunk, yes it might...

The price was right, so I asked the cashier if they could take apart the loft, and if so, I'd be interested in buying it.

30 minutes later, it is sitting in my living room. My son, having been alerted by a phone call, started cleaning his room, and shoving things into his closet to get them out of the way. He was soooooooooo excited, that he's been voluntarily helping out. The individual pieces are not heavy, but he will definitely be a huge help once we start putting it together.

The problem is that we have a computer desk to take apart and take to the dumpster, as this loft has a built-in desk (which is very cool!).

Oh, and we have some butterfly stickers to remove from it, too...

It's not perfect, but it will make a huge difference in his room!


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