Sunday, June 04, 2006


My moss roses have EXPLODED! I had planted two flats of moss roses, spindly little things, with hardly any blooms, a little over two weeks ago.

The pot is now FULL of lovely, healthy, gorgeously bright moss roses. When I dead head them, there are usually two or more buds left behind on the same stem, so they reproduce quite abundently.

All of the seed flowers that I planted are now sprouted, although it looks like some of the seeds from one had been blown into the morning glory planter. Time will tell what they are...

My petunias are also doing well, but my son's salvia is still spindly, with weak flowers, and I may have to look up how to fix that.

The moss roses are definitely the star of the deck this year, with the petunias a close second (usually the petunias take over, because I always buy too many, and end up with about 4-5 pots of just petunias).

If I had a garden... I'd be dangerous!

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