Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Recap

1. Rib cook off= three way tie. Good eats!
2. Christmas Eve mass - gorgeous!
3. Christmas Eve at Grandpa and Grandma P's - great until my niece got sick with the stomach flu.
4. Christmas morning = Santa won as far as my son was concerned.
5. My niece was still sick. :(
6. Christmas dinner at Granny's - very good! And I won my pretty red throw blanket in the gift exchange.
7. My niece was still sick, but is in pretty good spirits as she and her parents leave for her other grandma's house. :(
8. Christmas night - fell asleep on the couch watching Cars. Movie Star called. She's sick. But still wants me to go to some frat party with her in a week... wth?? No!
9. This morning, my niece goes to the ER, and is then admitted to the hospital for dehydration. :( She'll be there a couple of days, but she should be fine. Ug.

Home now, and not feeling the greatest myself.

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