Sunday, December 17, 2006

Holy crap, I'm tired.

Sugar cookies have joined the finished list. Whew. I had the cut-out cookies last on the list, because if I had done them first, I would have thrown in the towel, and nothing else would have come out of my kitchen for the next three weeks. I love to eat them, hate to make them.

It isn't that the dough is hard to put together. It isn't even the rolling and the cutting.

It's the damn frosting and decorating that takes way too long. This is the type of thing that you really need another person working with you, so you have someone to talk to, and a way to make it fun. Otherwise, it just sucks.

I think I may just not make them this year.

So, I am going to wait a few minutes, throw the beer bread together, and get it in the oven before it's time to make dinner.



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