Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nothing like cleaning to take your mind off things

I just filled six garbage bags full of crap that I thought I wanted to keep from my closet. Why I thought I needed to keep it, I'll never know. It would be in the dumpster already, except it's nearly midnight, and it's raining.

Truth be told, there are two rubbermaid totes that I should just dump into the garbage without even looking through. Honestly, if I haven't needed the stuff in there by now, I don't need it.

And about this raining business...

For crying out loud, it's December, and it has barely snowed. It snowed once, and it melted right away. I have the window open a bit, because it is hot in here, even with the heat turned down to 68°F. I found my rollerblades in the closet, and was thinking about going out tomorrow if the rain stopped. That's how nice it is. In IOWA. In WINTER.

Okay, my back is killing me, because I really overdid it on the whole closet thing. But, I feel like I really accomplished something tonight.

Now if only I could sleep.

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