Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Costume Progress Report #1

I am madly trying to finish the red skirt to my pirate garb, so I can focus on getting the other costumes finished. Last night, I finished sewing together the pleating strips, and ironed the three yards of red fabric. By that time, it was 10pm, and I had to quit using the machine for the night. Tonight, I sewed the pleating strip to one selvedge (the one that was oddly frayed), and sewed black bias tape to the other, for the hem. I sat and hand stitched the two pleating threads, taking half-inch stitches using the gingham for a guide. When I gathered up the stitches, I remembered exactly why I normally use four yards of fabric instead of three... Let's just say there will be some creative adjustment to fit the waistband. That's okay though, as this does not have to fit over a farthingale.

I also have this yellow brocade tablecloth that I was contemplating using to make an overskirt. Not sure if I really want to do that, though, as it is pretty heavy.

The next thing on my list for tonight, is to finish tracing out patterns, and get a couple of lengths of fabric ironed, and ready to be cut. I bought a folding drying rack at Wal-mart tonight, with the idea that I will drape the ironed fabric over the rungs in order to keep the fabric from getting wrinkled. Hopefully it will work well. I just really am running out of space to put things, though...

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