Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Knowing when to stop is the hardest part...

of sewing.

I managed to get the blue jerkin cut out tonight. As I was cutting out the pieces, I thought it looked a little big for being a large. I double-checked, and it is in fact a large. I sewed together the shoulder and side seams using french seams (where the cut edge is enclosed). I sewed together the sleeve caps and lining, and then attached one sleeve cap to the shoulder.

To the wrong side of the shoulder. As in, the seam allowance is on the outside of the shoulder, rather than on the inside where it belongs.

At least once a project, if I am machine sewing in the evening, I will hit a point where logic flies out the window, and I don't double-check before proceeding. So, I get to rip off this sleeve cap.

And this jerkin is huge. Really way bigger than it should be, and probably too big for the person who is supposed to wear it. Since we are supposed to be making another one of these, I am probably going to have to trace off the small size pattern instead of the medium.

In other news, horrific heartburn tonight, despite hardly eating much dinner. And I ate bland food for dinner. Sucks.

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