Thursday, April 05, 2007

One down, four-six to go...

I finished the blue jerkin, finally. I can hardly keep my eyes open. I ended up using olive green bias tape on the edges, and it looks pretty good. I will have to do something different to the other one of these that we are making. Like maybe not making it using this pattern.

Yes, this was pretty simple to make. I'll have to see it on the person who's going to wear it before deciding if it was successful.

This means I have at least four more costumes, possibly six to go. It all depends on who is going to the later faire. We can reuse costumes if we have fewer scouts going to the later faire. Won't know for a bit yet.

Okay, time to take a small break, get over my hiccups and heartburn (again), and then get to work on some hand sewing. I actually should either be tracing off more patterns, or ironing fabric. My time tomorrow will be extremely limited. Saturday is a costume work-day at the meeting room. Yay for help! But I wanted to get more done than I have done right now.

Which means that I guess I'll be tracing tonight instead of working on my own skirt...

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