Sunday, April 22, 2007

What did I do today?

1. Awakened by my son at 7:30 am, because he wanted me to take him to Target to get the game we had reserved. Begged for another 30 minutes of sleep.

2. 9:00 am, left to go get game, and a couple of other things. Washed the car.

3. Made spaghetti salad for the cookout.

4. Cut the chicken breasts in half, and put them in the refrigerator to marinate.

5. Had a migraine, took a nap for three hours.

6. Woke up when the phone rang - work problem.

7. Freshened up for the cookout/rehearsal, put everything in the cooler, and went to work to fix the problem.

8. After fixing the problem, went to cookout/rehearsal. Practiced the three dances over and over, then we decided to start the grill.

9. Went inside and practiced our improv exercises, and grilled young William on his ideal possible future wife, to his embarrassment.

10. Just how long does it take to grill chicken anyway?

11. Ate way too much. Talked more.

12. An hour later: "Crap, the brats are still on the grill!"

13. Stopped raining: more dancing! This time we got it right!

14. Home. Tired. Legs. Hurt.

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