Sunday, April 15, 2007

Progress update for Sunday

Whew. I got a massive amount of work done today. I am nearly finished with both the fifth and sixth costumes, and if I can make a hat a day, I can get hats done for everyone, too (got to use that old felt for something!).

Today I accomplished:

1. Laundry - six loads. I know, I know, how in the world did we have six loads of laundry with just two people. Towels and sheets, my friend, and the fact that I am trying to get our summer clothes integrated back into service. And now it is all put away neatly.

2. Dishwasher - ran twice. Didn't have time to run it yesterday afternoon before we had to go to the LAN party. Ran it this morning, and after supper.

3. Sewed lining to green jerkin shell.

4. Sewed homemade bias tape to edges of jerkin, and trimmed. I plan to hand sew some of this tonight (turn and sew folded edge to inside, to trim the edges. Going to turn out pretty good.).

5. Ironed, straightened tan fabric.

6. Traced off correct size for tan tunic, and redrafted the pattern to make yet another variation on the overused LOtR tunic. This one is short, and has riding slits up the sides, and a round neckline, and is for one of the adults. All I can say is, thank God men's clothing is fairly simple for the class we are portraying.

7. Cut out tan tunic, outer shell and lining out of the same fabric, more for weight than anything.

8. Sewed lining and shell together, fracked up, ripped out the neckline, and saved it. Disovered a new-to-me way to do the lining, and totally rocked it. Need bias binding to finish the raw edges and for trim. Looks good.

All of this, and I made a good dinner, and played Wii Sports with my son. Oh, and sat through a two minute power failure. Damn power never goes out in the wind, storms, or ice, but will randomly go off when it is clear about once every four months or so.

In any case, i got a lot done, I can hardly move, and I am going to be able to sleep with the window open tonight.

Life is good. :)

Oh, and i almost forgot: I also started working on favors to give out to friends at the faire. Don't know how many I will get done, but here is a sample:

Rose Favor

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