Sunday, April 15, 2007

Iowa is entirely too small.

But that can be a good thing, as you get stories like this one.

On Friday, a friend of mine went to a film festival in Cedar Rapids. He arrived early, of course, and they weren't quite set up yet. He was talking with someone who was getting people checked in, and gave them his name. Someone else overheard, and repeated his name.

"I thought you looked familiar. I read your blog, and listen to your podcasts!"

Okay, now everyone who blogs has a story like this. Seriously. The internet makes this a small world. What takes this to a different level is what this person said next.

"Yeah, I got there from Jennifer's blog. I went to college with her."

So that's a little funnier.

So, a big "Hi!" to Eric Freese and company! I don't want to even count how long ago that was (but okay, fourteen years, how did we all get so old?).

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