Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pouring. Then Snowing.

It is raining heavily right now. I just got back from a meeting, which was fun for a change, and it is pouring.

Later tonight, the rain is going to change into snow, and dump 3-5 inches of the crappy white stuff onto our lovely green grass, budding trees, and flowers.

Welcome to Iowa.

There really isn't anything we can do except deal with it.

Right now, i am going to go deal with it by having a bowl of soup for supper, since my earlier snack barely qualified. And the fact that the Safe Swim and Safety Afloat guy kept mentioning sandwiches did not help matters any... ;)


nerdgarden said...

Wow. Your weather is even worse than ours is. Around here all the flowers started to bloom and the trees and bushes started to leaf out, and then all of a sudden the temperatures dropped down into the twenties and everything shriveled up.

But at least we didn't get snow. Sheesh.

April really is the cruellest month...


Jen said...

Hey, fellow Iowan! Just started reading your blog. It is nice to read a blog that I can relate to (at least the weather today)! This weather really bites the big one, especially after that week in March we had temps in the 60s-80s.

WHERE'S SPRING??? I want it back! :)

jennifer said...

Snow gone!!!! Still too cold, but the SNOW IS GONE!!!!