Monday, July 16, 2007

Beginning the Black Velvet Gown

Okay, just in case you were befuddled by that last post: I do work in IT, you know. I run computer labs for a living. I like it a lot, and am never bored. Summers are great, because I get a chance to play with new toys. ;)

On to the real reason I even opened this browser!

I was able to get the flat lining, and the cotton drill lining cut out for my black velvet bodice. I am still working on the trim concept for this dress, but I really want to have black guimpe, and gold or ivory ribbon trim, with ecru glass pearls in clusters. I want to keep the colors of the gown simple, so that I can wear different sets of sleeves and foreparts with it.

Tomorrow night, if I can move, I will finally get to cut into that gorgeous black velvet that I bought with my Christmas gift card. I am so excited to get started on this dress! I have had the idea and sketches for so long... I did make one modification to my original plan. I was going to make a doublet bodice, but decided that it would be too hot. I am going to make a low-necked bodice instead. It will be quicker.

Okay, back to my sketch pad, because I have an idea for the trim... if I can stay awake long enough, that is...

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