Sunday, July 29, 2007

Frustrating day.

Sewing-wise, that is.

I got all of the handsewing done on the bodice, with the exception of the shoulder treatments. I even got the hooks and eyes sewn. Then, I tried it on over the corset, bumbroll, and overskirt.

The corset doesn't smoosh my chest enough, or in the right place, and then the top two sets of hooks and eyes were too far from the edge of the bodice opening, leading to straining on the fabric. So, I had to rip those off and resew them. Not a huge deal.

The heartbreaker, though, was the overskirt. The damn front edges were too far apart. I had to rip out stiches, and resew the edges. That's still in progress. I am so sleepy right now that I have to call it a night, and pick up tomorrow. I am ticked off at myself for mistaking where the edges needed to be. I had plenty of space to make the pleats, and I had to really pack them tightly to make it work the first time. I just sucks to have to pick apart that work. 33 days, folks. 33 days.

Okay, the diet starts again tomorrow. Willpower, dear. Gotta have it so I can breathe in my gowns come September...

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