Friday, July 27, 2007

No, I don't do anything other than work or sew...

Sorry, but prepare for another sewing post:

Yesterday evening, I managed to get the gathering stiches sewn for my black velvet overskirt, and part of the waistband sewn. I would have worked more, but we had a bit of a thunderstorm, and the sewing machine was unplugged, as were the computers.

Tonight, I didn't get started sewing until after 7. I finished the waistband (broke a needle. Yikes!), and pulled up the pleating threads to the right size. I sewed the inner edges of the pleats to the waistband, but had to quit before sewing the tops to the waistband. I decided to take a break, and finish watching a movie, and work on the binding for the bodice.

We have a busy day tomorrow, but I hope to spend all of Sunday working on finishing this gown, and cutting out a couple of other projects. There is a lot to be done, but so far, things are going fairly quickly. The big thing is to get as much work done on the weekends as possible.

Four more rehearsals before opening day...

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