Monday, July 02, 2007

I'm pretty sure ice cream isn't on my diet...

but I ate it anyway tonight.

The meeting room was overly warm, and the thought of ice cream was too strong to resist.

I am working on redrafting my corset pattern, so that I can have something that fits properly, does not ride up, and supports "the girls," enough so that I can maybe actually fill the bodice appropriately this year (okay, I know, TMI!).

My new machine sews like a dream on regular stitches. The decorative stuff is probably going to take awhile to master. It's fast and quiet, and the opportunities to tweak the performance are very interesting to my hacker-side (and by hacker, I don't mean the script kiddies, black hats, and crackers. I mean hardware hacking, resource editing, digging in just to see how things work, and if it can be made to work better. Stuff I used to do with computers back in the day.)

So, yes, I have plenty of activities and projects to fill my free time. Here is the list of what needs to be done before September 1st. This is an ambitious list for two months, but I have the main pattern work finished, and things just need to be cut out, sewn, fitted, and decorated. My son's 2nd doublet will come last, as I need to have the main part of his growing out of the way before starting (pattern alterations may be needed). Anyway, here goes:

My son:

1. velvet doublet
2. 2nd shirt (4 hours work)
3. velvet and damask slops (knee-length "pumpkin" pants) to match velvet doublet
4. 2 hats with "cool feathers" (his words)
a. italian hat in black velvet (2 hours, max)
b. flat cap in red damask (2 hours, max)
5. Order tights. 10 minutes online!

Me (where do I even begin?)

#1 goal = new corset. Can't make anything else until it is done (for measuring purposes).

Gown 1:

• deep red damask skirt
• wine colored silk velvet, low-necked bodice (trimmed with the same damask), with rounded tabs on shoulder and waist, with pearl and gold trim.
• paned sleeves in wine velvet with red damask, and pearl and gold trim.
• forepart in wine velvet, with a 6 inch guard at the bottom in the red damask, to protect the velvet. Not sure on the decoration this will have. This decoration will be repeated for the skirt guard.
• This gown will have detachable sleeves, so I can use sleeve and forepart sets from other gowns to create new looks.

Gown 2:

• black, cotton velvet skirt
• matching doublet style bodice, with silver buttons, and two rows of rounded tabs on the shoulder and at the waist.
• second bodice in same fabric, with low neckline, same shoulder and waist treatment, and gold tissue trim and pearl clusters
• silver and blue brocade sleeves and forepart. Not sure on the sleeve style yet, but am thinking of using diamond panes. Again, detachable.

Sleeve/forepart set 3 (can be used with all three gowns):

• gold/tan damask, spiral paned sleeves, with pearl trim and joints.
• forepart decorations will have pearls accenting the designs in the fabric.

• 2nd high-necked smock
• 2nd tall hat in black velvet (slightly different decorations and feathers) - not critical, but a fun rainy day project.
• new round pouch
• rework locket jewelry
• redo underskirt hem (just needs second row of machine stitching, as it is not going to be seen)
• strengthen farthingale steel connections
• if time, lace ruffs for wrists and neck, to be worn with the black doublet gown (which, btw, is for cooler weather). I doubt I will get this far.

All of the materials have been bought, with the exception of the 10 yards of white muslin I will need for the shirt and smock, and trims. Luckily, my JoAnn fabrics coupons finally arrived via email.

Okay, time to go back to work on the corset alterations...

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