Sunday, July 08, 2007

Progress Update - July 8

After spending all of yesterday having fun with my family, I did not get any work done on my new corset at all. I had too much fun!!! :)

So, today, I had to get back to work in earnest. The faire starts in eight weeks, and I have way too much work to do. I feel I have accomplished a lot so far today, but I still feel like I am barely inching forward. I can't start any new gowns until I know that this corset fits, and can try on the green brocade bodice to see if that fits well with the corset (this is the pattern that I altered to fit better than the bodice to the older red court gown, which was too long, and too wide in the shoulders).

I just finished cutting all 30 of the plastic bones for the corset. I now have to trim and sand these plastic pieces (3/8in. plastic cable ties, cheap at Lowe's), then put them into the correct channels (I numbered everything). Once that is finished, I have to add the binding to the edges of the corset, then I can start hand sewing the eyelets on the back. This corset will lace up the back, while the front will use hooks, so I can get in and out of it easily. The back lacing will stay laced, unless it needs to be adjusted for weight. I fully expect to lose a little weight over the next couple of months, due to the walking I am going to need to do to get in shape for the faire. A corset is very time consuming to make, and I would prefer to be able to wear this one a long time.

Well, break time is nearly over. I am going to sit for a bit and read before starting the sanding. It's going to take more than an hour to sand the edges.


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