Friday, July 20, 2007

Dear Diary,

I feel really fat today. I have felt really fat for a couple of weeks now, but today, for some reason, it just is no longer acceptable.

I am starting my diet again tomorrow. I am supposed to be on this diet for medical reasons. Low Fat. Low Sodium. Period. I have to find someway to deal with it other than denial.

I was doing fine on my diet until about the second weekend of June. Since that time, I have gained more than five pounds, and it has to go.

I am putting myself on notice. I am emptying the refrigerator of all things bad for me, and i am going to exercise, and start walking for 30 minutes every night.

You must help keep me on track, because if you don't, I will never fit into my court gowns by September 1.

the geek girl

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