Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Black Gown Progress Update!

Last night, believe it or not, I was able to get the pieces of velvet for the bodice cut out. I was certain I would not be able to get anything done, as I felt like utter crap after work yesterday.

Amazing what a two hour nap can do...

After a bath, then dinner yesterday, I went to my room to rest, and read a bit. I woke up two hours later, when my son came into my room to ask if I was okay. I answered honestly that I could probably have slept through the night if he hadn't asked me that. ;)

Anyway, tonight after work, I felt much better, despite a serious amount of unpacking machines and equipment. Still, I didn't start working on my gown until after 7 pm.

I flatlined the velvet with black quilters cotton, to give it more body, then sewed the velvet pieces together. I sewed the cotton drill lining together, then marked off and sewed the boning channels (six total. this is why I love my corset. I don't have to put a ton of bones in the bodice!). I also cut the trim for the bodice to length. I am going to baste the trim to the bodice, then sew the edges when I add the bias binding. I'll hand sew the sides of the trim to the bodice after it is finished.

Basically, if everything goes well tomorrow night, I can start cutting out the round tabs for the waist and shoulder treatments. I am going to sew pearls in the shape of flowers to the center of each round tab, with a red glass bead in the center, or else a larger pearl in the center. I'll have to see what works best.

By the weekend, my goal is to be working on the skirt. I am making a four-panel skirt, which means, with the fabric at a width of 45 inches, the skirt width at the hem will be close to 15 feet. I am using the same trim on the front edges of the overskirt, and close to the hem. I lucked out and found some amazing trim at Hobby Lobby on clearance: 9 yards for $6.39. It was normally $3.27/yard! I had been drooling over it for over a year, but couldn't justify spending the original price. I bought another roll of a similar trim at the same time. 3 yards for $3.57, normally also $3.27. No idea why they weren't priced the same per yard on clearance.

Eek! I didn't mean to spend so long on this post! I just meant to post an update so that I would feel better about the progress that I have made. Six weeks, folks, to finish the black gown, and another complete set of noble garb for my son. If there is time, I am going to start another gown for myself, with the goal of being able to wear it by the end of the season (Romance weekend! Two weddings scheduled already on the same day! Means no break for the royal court...).

Very busy, but very fun!

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