Saturday, July 14, 2007

How many more weeks?

Seven weeks from today.

The faire opens seven weeks from today.

Rehearsal went well today. We met out at Festival Park, and practiced our shows, promenading, and blocked out our arrangements for the Royal Box, and the photo lineup.

The park looks beautiful! The flowers and trees have been planted, and have taken hold. Grass is growing up amidst the wood-chips. I hope they just mow it off, and don't kill it or bury it in more wood-chips. The park looks so much better with green!

It's been a long day. I have just seven more eyelets to sew, and the hooks and eyes to attach, and my new corset will be finished. I should be done well before noon tomorrow. Then, I can make adjustments to the bodice pattern, and start making a mock-up for the black gown. Once I know it will fit, I can cut out the new red gown, too, and work on them both at the same time. The skirts are easy, especially now that I have a dress form to help with the hems. I just have an amazing amount of work to do in the next seven weeks.

But hey, I made my last noble gown in four weeks, and I hadn't used the pattern before. All of the prep work is done as far as patterns, so it should go really quickly once the pieces are cut out. So many layers to everything...

I'm just not going to have a life for the next 11 or so weeks...

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