Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It takes talent...

The two smallest toes on my left foot made contact with the chair leg as I was carrying my glass of diet pepsi (caffeine-free!), and a Hershey bar (hey, chocolate is good for you!), to my room (to check email!).

I didn't spill a drop. Nor did I fall. Nor do anything other than swear really loud.

The pain was enormous. I limped into my room to check out the damage. My littlest toe does not feel right, and it has a purple bruise at the tip, and a break halfway down the toenail. It's making my foot ache.

That ought to feel good tomorrow evening when standing in line to get seated at the Harry Potter movie.

I spent way less time sewing tonight than I should have. I wish I could smuggle my sewing into the line, since there won't be anything else to do. I can talk and sew a the same time. I just feel like it is a waste to talk and be in line without getting any work done.

I am about 50% finished with the binding on the right side of the corset (it's in halves). I have 9 eyelets to sew on each side of the back opening. It will take me at least 7 minutes to sew each eyelet, maybe less once I get used to it again. And a minimum of 7 sets of hooks and eyes up the front (should take less than an hour). In all, I have a seriously large amount of hand sewing that i wish to complete by Friday. I am anxious to start my next gown (the black velvet).

Anyway, long day tomorrow. time to get to sleep.

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