Saturday, July 28, 2007

What a great day!

We spent most of the day out at Festival Park, rehearsing. Around 4:30pm, we were joined by fellow cast members for a potluck at the Feasting Hall. Lots of great food, good friends, fun, a taste of the Forking Queen's homemade mead (most excellent), and dancing made for a great evening!

I laughed until my sides ached (although that could be from all of the walking and dancing we did today). Some of us ladies have decided that we want to visit a faire that we aren't working at, and do a wench invasion (dressed as wenches, no husbands/boyfriends allowed!). I so want to do this!

Anyway, back in the air-conditioning again, and I am freezing. Today was a good warm-up for September, as it was so hot and muggy until around mid-afternoon, when it cooled off a bit, and we started to get a really nice breeze. So I spent most of the day unbearably hot, and now I'm freezing.

Well, back to work on the sewing!


dkx said...

I swear I'll read every sewing post if you provide photographic documentation of the wench invasion. ;-)

jennifer said...

Oh yes, there would be plenty of photographic documentation. The problem is, our faire lasts most of September, and all weekends up to that point are full. After our faire ends, there are other faires that at least one of our party is working at. I've been invited to attend that faire and hang out with their Royal Court, but I am not certain that I will be up for it, or want to go. I'd rather go with my friends as a wench, than drag the court garb all that way. Plus, my wench garb is really cute. :) I hope we can make it to a different faire before they're all over for the season...