Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday Accomplishments

I have only hand sewing left on the black velvet bodice!!!! Just need to slip-stitch the binding to the lining, add hooks and eyes, and sew the shoulder straps into place. After that, I'll be adding pearls to the trim on the front edges, and pearls to each of the tabs at the waist and shoulder.

After dinner, I am going to cut out the skirt panels and lining. Three rectangles of each, sew up the seams at the selveges, and attatch the lining at the top edge. Then, find my gingham strips for cartridge pleating, and sew that to the top edge also. That may be as far as I get tonight. I don't like to stop sewing the pleating threads once I've started, so I may save that for tomorrow.

I have exactly three days to finish this gown, before needing to move onto the next project. Six weeks, from yesterday, until opening day.

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