Monday, March 12, 2007

After the snow, ice, and rain...

you have flooding. We're supposed to be at 16 inches above flood stage by tomorrow morning, on the South Skunk River. The news site is maddeningly vague about where the flooding is going to be, but the county to our north is also under a flood warning, and that water will have to go somewhere.

We hit 66°F today! Yippee!!! The end of this long, strange winter is nearly here. I won't really feel like winter is over until May 1st, but spring is very welcome this year.

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nerdgarden said...

Interesting turnaround, eh? We went from Winter to Spring in a matter of a few days. It was in the 60s yesterday and the high today is supposed to hit 75!

We had the whole flood watch thing too, and about the only place I saw any flooding was some low-lying country roads....

Enjoy the weather!