Saturday, March 10, 2007

Fun day planned now that i thought about it...

This may not seem fun to you, but it will be for me!

Visions of sewing projects dance in my head...

1. Go to JoAnn Fabrics and (hopefully) buy something very nice for a new dress, with my 40% off coupon, and my Christmas Gift Card. If the JoAnn's in town doesn't have anything I want, it's off to Des Moines! I won't be able to start this project for a long time, but winter fabrics will be on sale, and the heavier stuff makes for richer looking garb.

2. While at JoAnn, take advantage of the fact that Simplicity Patterns are on sale, and get two more copies of 4942 (the Lord of the Rings - mens), and two copies of 4059 (don't have yet, very nice. also men's pattern). Look for inexpensive fabric to make at least one tunic, and one vest, for samples. Try the Dollar/yard table at Wal-mart if nothing at JoAnn.

3. Need 3-4 yards of red quilters cotton to replace my pirate skirt.

4. Go to both Goodwill and the Salvation Army Store to look for a heavy, large "gold" locket for Lady Rosalind

5. Write up my character description/story and send it to Queen Catherine.

6. Hem my new high-necked smock, with the sleeves on the correct sides (finished last night), and add the ribbon ties to the neck and cuffs.

7. Tack the trim down on my red bodice, and hand sew it into place. Make another couple of pearl quadrilles for the bodice. Figure out if I want to carry the same decoration to the skirt trim, or just use broaches as I did last year (the facing was only tacked down last year, due to lack of time, and the stiches kept tearing out, the broaches held it in place, and looked very pretty to boot).

8. Library - get movies and books. I like to watch movies when I sew, especially hand sewing.

Okay, I'd better get going. I have things around the house to get done before I can go and have fun!

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