Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lost in Translation...

We got to the school at 5:00 am. No one in sight. We waited a few minutes, then went home for a bit, as the bus isn't supposed to leave until 6:15.

We go back to the school at 5:30 am. No one in sight. The kids are supposed to load all of their sets, costumes, and structures, so the bus needs to be there early.

No bus.

At around 5:40, an SUV pulls up and parks. At around 5:50, three minivans pull up. At around 6:00 am, my son's DI teacher arrives. A pile of girls spill from the vans and SUV, excited, there are more kids than vehicles, so I am guessing a bunch of them stayed overnight together. My son was glad to see another boy from his group, and they walked together towards the group of girls rather bravely. I left as the teacher was letting the group into the school, so that they could start gathering their props.

There are about five kids in each group, with about 6-8 groups, including the high school group, if I remember correctly. My son is doing Car-DI-ology, which involves building a card structure that can hold 300 pounds, and developing a skit, complete with sets and costumes.

Okay, going back to bed now. I have a long morning ahead of me, and I've been up for about two hours now.

And I am more than a little ticked off that we never received anything in writing about exactly what time the kids were supposed to be at the school. I could have slept another 45 minutes...

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