Saturday, March 24, 2007


My son called at about 6:15pm, to let me know that they were back from Carroll, and to let me know one other piece of information:

They advanced to the State Competition!!!!!!!!

Now, last year, they finished dead last out of every team in the improv category.

This year, out of the five Car-DI-ology teams, they finished... last.

The reason they get to advance is that five teams from each category get to advance. There were only five teams in his category.

But that doesn't matter whatsoever, because they now have three weeks to improved their skit and structure, and he is so excited that he ran out of the school, holding up his medal.

I am just as proud of him in last place as I would be if his team had made first place. He's a good sport, and is so happy to be going to State, that I just can't help but be happy along with him. :)

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