Thursday, March 08, 2007

What in the heck is this thing made of?????

We had to move some furniture at work today, due to some construction that is happening. We had moved quite a bit of stuff out of the back room, but there was this fairly large table that needed to be moved to one of the labs (only place that had room for it).

So, the person who was helping me grabbed one end, and I grabbed the other. I lifted with my legs instead of my back, except I couldn't straighten my legs. Damn thing was too heavy!. I'm just barely pushing my end, can't even come close to lifting it, until we got it to the hall, and realized that we would have to tip it on its side to get it through the door to the lab. At that point, I realized we needed more help, as there was no way I'd be able to help guide the table to its side, or lift it to tip it into place. TG another coworker was around. I let the guys carry it down the hall, and helped guide it to the right place in the lab. It did take all three of us to tilt it upright again.

The table top was more than two inches thick, and appeared to be some kind of pressed wood, and masonite on top. Heaviest table I've ever seen.

Considering that I throw haul around heavy boxes of paper on a regular basis, not to mention carrying laser cutter materials (who knew 10 sheets of 1/8th in. acrylic could be so heavy), and my stubborn determination to never make two trips to carry the groceries inside the apartment, and up a flight of stairs, the fact that I couldn't even budge this table should give you an indication of how heavy it is.

And just think, eventually we are going to have to move it again.

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