Saturday, March 10, 2007

Every meal is salad, from now until Saturday.

I needed to figure out where to have the trim end along the top edge of my red bodice.

So, I put on my new smock, hooked myself into my corset (little tight), and put on my bodice.

Yes, it hooked. It was a little tighter than it was back in September, but then I always gain weight in the winter, and lose it in the spring.

After about 5 minutes, I couldn't stand it, and had to take it off. Maybe it had something to do with the amount of pizza I had for supper (way too much), or the fact that I have been so down lately that I haven't really given any thought to what I have eaten (I've looked at the calories and sodium and eaten it anyway). Just a bit too tight around the tummy, and that was enough to make me feel faint.

Anyway, the point is that I have to drop a couple of pounds this week in order to be more comfortable in my costume on Saturday. I figure cutting the sodium will help shed water weight. I'll keep eating bananas, salad, and grilled chicken, but no bread, no pickles, no cheese, nothing processed, salty, or fatty, or anything with tomatoes in it (tomatoes do bad things to my skin). If I can drop even a couple of pounds, it will make a big difference. I don't want to lose a lot of weight, just enough to be able to breathe. :)

After this week, I'm going to be so busy that I'll lose weight anyway. Always do at this time of the year. It gets nicer outside, and I stop putting comfort food on the menu. I just am starting a bit earlier this year than normal.

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