Friday, March 23, 2007

Oh, the humanity!

My son needs to be to school by shortly after 5:00 am tomorrow. He was at school until 7:00 pm tonight, working on his Destination Imagination project with his group. After I picked him up from school, we raced to Great Clips, as his hair is wildly out of control. An hour later, we raced to HyVee, to get snacks for the 90 minute bus trip.

I have pizza dough rising right now, and a load of jeans in the wash. Luckily, the brown shirt that he needs to wear tomorrow is already in his closet.

You may ask why in the world all of this wasn't done before tonight. I can honestly tell you that ALL of it was supposed to have been done LAST NIGHT, but due to having to unexpectedly work really late, there just wasn't enough time. And this kid has only three pairs of jeans right now, because I can't find the fourth pair, so today just ended up being the day I needed to wash jeans. That fourth pair is probably stuck under something in his closet, because that's how he cleans his room.

My lunch hour was spent going to Target to get DVD-Rs to back up my work machine. I am a firm believer in back-ups. I ended up having to leave one of the DVD-Rs burning as I left, because I only have a 1x burner in my machine. Better than nothing. This is in addition to the copy I keep on my firewire drive.

Okay, clothes are in the dryer, and the pizza is in the oven. I have to fix my son's backpack now (zipper isn't working right).

Wish I could go to sleep right now...

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