Tuesday, May 30, 2006

1:14 am and I am wide awake...

Incredibly fun weekend!!!!!

We got back from the Nebraska Renaissance Faire tonight around 11 pm, and were home and unloaded by 12:05am.

Long. Day.

I'll post pictures sometime tomorrow, but here are a few highlights to tide you over:

1. I LOOOOOVE being a pirate (even a wanna-be).
2. We had a great location! Right across from Bud's Root Beer (excellent root beer and cream soda, and great guys), close to the Pirate Stage, Glass blowing, and Tinne Lune/ Squire's Burden - very nice people all around!
3. Bodice. Burn. OMG, the Bodice Burn. I swear, I had 50 spf suncreen on, and applied it religiously, plus carried a sun shade Sunday and Monday. I also got burned through my chemise sleeves. Ouch.
4. I kissed a pirate!!!! (no, it's not what you are thinking! it was on the forehead, with bright red lipstick, as he was in the stocks for insulting the ladies. So, there were about 20 of us ladies who participated, then he got a bucket full of water in the face. Very funny!)
5. I met lots of people, and had a great time!
6. And yes, it was worth it to spend an hour each evening to drive to the Louisville State Park, spend $3 on a day pass to use the 25-cent pay showers. Trust me. It was worth it (15 minute drive, but we usually had to wait).
7. Having my son ask, "What's a hussy?" on the walk back to the van... (not surprising, considering how many times we heard the pirates call out to the ladies, "Oh, you shameless hussy!!!! Showing your ANKLES in PUBLIC???", usually when they were wearing shorts and tank tops). I'm just glad he didn't ask about Scarlett the Harlot...
8. Mango Italian Ice.... lifesaver!!!!

More tomorrow. My back hurts, and I am very, very tired...

(And HONEST, it was the forehead!!!!! There are pictures to prove it somewhere!!!)

Oh, and I was on TV!!!!

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