Thursday, May 18, 2006

If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all...

I am beginning to believe that I really AM cursed.

Yes, if you drove by the corner of Lincoln Way and Dakota, you DID see my car in the right lane, with the hazard lights flashing.

My car died, and refused to start again.

I spent about 5 minutes on hold with AAA, where I had a wonderfully sympathetic ear to my car woes, and a promise of a tow truck within an hour.

After letting that fact sink in, I thanked her, and hung up. I called Mr. B to get Mr. R's cell number, as he was waiting for us in the scout room. My son was not very happy that our night of unearthing treasure in the storage room was cancelled, but he'll get over it.

While I was on the phone with Mr. B, the tow truck dispatch called and said that someone was on the way. Yipee!!!!

The driver was there within less than 10 minutes (We didn't even have time to get bored), was very professional, and had us home in less than 30 minutes after getting off of the phone with AAA.

I am waiting to hear back from my Dad right now... The battery is fine, I had electical power, and half a tank of gas (from Casey's). It just refuses to start. It's probably a clogged fuel line or filter.

I can take the bus to work tomorrow, and maybe he can bring me a loaner. Mom and dad are coming here on Saturday for a few minutes, so maybe if it is an easy fix, he can drive it back to me....

I hope...

I suppose I could air up the bike tires and ride my bike to work tomorrow. :(

Update: Thank you, Dad! He is towing the old car to me tomorrow night, and taking my car back home to fix it. I really, really hope it's not the fuel pump, but with my luck, I had better plan on that being replaced. T.G. for the tax refund, and for not buying those boots that I really wanted...

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