Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Decisions, decisions...

So, I decided to not buy the beautiful, sexy pirate lady boots that I wanted from Yes, it's sort of a financial decision, as I don't know if I would wear them enough to make it worth the money. They aren't that expensive, though, and I have always, always wanted an excuse to buy tall boots!

Buuutttt.... on the other hand, I found these really cute stripey socks that would look great with black Mary Janes... These are thigh-highs, and would be very piratey over leggings with my red, yellow, and black layered overskirts, and red or green bodice... Not to mention that they are only $8.00/pair as opposed to $85 boots. I want the red and black, and/or the black and white.

So, I need to make a decision NOW, so either of these items can get here on time...


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