Sunday, May 21, 2006

More fun than a barrel of monkeys

Status report:

1. Yellow overskirt - done except for the closing hooks.
2. Red bodice - outer shell pieces are sewn together. The two layers of lining are sewn together (two matching pieces sewn together, but it is not assembled yet), and the boning channels are sewn. I will have this finished, except for the eyelets (or lacing rings), by tomorrow night.
3. Red skirt (this may end up an underskirt, due to the trouble I am having finding leggings). The gathering strip is sewn to the red fabric, and ironed correctly, ready for the gathering stitches...

Left to do:

1. Figure out how the black overskirt is going to be made. I am thinking that I will just finish the raw edges, and tuck it in my belt, piratey looking. That would save a bunch of time, and if I needed the fabric later, I could reuse it (or finish it as an overskirt later).
2. Make a square-necked chemise. Both of the chemises that I have are not low enough. I am going to use Dawn's Chemise pattern, as it is very, very simple (a total of three four rectangles sewn together, with gathered neck and cuffs. I've seen pictures, and it looks great!). If it looks right, I may just make up a couple, so I have a change of shirts in case of disaster (rain or rips).
3. Finish the red skirt, which really is not going to be very full at all...

I just decided that I am NOT going to try to make a third bodice. I can use the blue one from last year, along with the dark blue skirt (I need to turn up the hem a bit), and wear it with the yellow overskirt, and the red sash. It uses the same pattern as the new red bodice (which I am already in love with). I just altered the front of the red bodice to have a square neckline instead of the angled one.

This means that I just saved myself a bunch of work.

Well, time to get some sleep... visions of sewing dancing in my head, pirates, dancing, singing, yippee!

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