Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Almost there...

At the thought of trying to sew eyelets in my new red bodice, my hands got a little numb, and my brain calculated the number of hours necessary to finish sewing 20+ eyelets and came up with a number that was too large to be feasible if I want to meet my goal of all sewing done by Thursday night (midnight).

A quick search over lunch today resulted in finding some beautiful toggle clasps in the jewelry department. I bought six bags of two, somewhat by mistake, but quickly realized that what I really had were gorgeous flower LACING RINGS. Shock!

So, six of the pretty flower rings are sewn to the front of my red bodice, waiting for their matches on the other side to be sewn on tomorrow night.

I also finished the chemise that I prepared fabric for last night. Totally done, hemmed and everything (hey, the hem is hidden, so it is machine sewn for now).

All I have left to do is finish the red underskirt (eek!), put hooks and eyes on the yellow skirt waistband, and maybe make one more chemise (literally, the one I finished tonight took a total of two hours. I would have been done tonight a lot earlier, but the thread in my machine kept breaking. I had to stop and oil the machine, which worked, TG, or my mother would have had to drop hers off tomorrow on their way out east).

Yes, I am almost done!!!!! And I am so excited about this costume, mostly because I also found the shoes that I wanted!!!!

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