Saturday, May 20, 2006


This morning, my son and I finally got the flowers planted on the deck. He had picked out Salvia, Assylum, and lobelia. I picked out petunias, moss roses, blanket flowers, morning glory, snap dragons, vinca, and one other that I can't remember. Only the moss roses, petunias, salvia, vinca, and assylum were bedding plants. The rest are seeds that will hopefully sprout and not die on us if it gets too hot and dry. My son had a great time making an extreme mess of potting soil all over the deck. He would have preferred to plant vegetables, but with the limited space we have, they just wouldn't do very well. So, flowers it is. I enjoy them, and he just likes growing things. We also have two trees on our deck, thanks to his habit of picking up seeds and randomly planting them places he isn't supposed to. ;)

I love how the deck looks now! If only I could find the right deck furniture, it would be a very peaceful place to sit and read.

Mom and Dad came by to change for a wedding. They didn't want to drive from Manson in their good clothes, and it was an excuse to get to talk for a bit. Dad worked all morning on my car - the problem was not fuel related at all! A couple of sensors had gone bad. He replaced them, and replaced the fuel filter as well, since it had been about 25K miles since it was replaced. He tested the fuel pump thoroughly, just to rule it out. So, it's done, and we'll go get it tomorrow.

Mom loves her new job. Oh, did I forget to mention that my mom decided to get a full-time job at Target? Yes, my family loves Target. Now two of us work there (Movie Star works there, too).

After mom and dad had left, I took the old grand prix to Goodwill to continue my search for shoes for Ren Faire, and a suitcase. I ended up with a three-piece set of luggage, black, for $4.99, and a gorgeous red satiny stole that had gotten stuck in the curtain section and was only $1.99. It is the perfect pirate sash. I did not find any Mary Janes in my size, nor did I find any slip on black leather shoes for my son in his (the kid's feet are bigger than mine!). However, in the Salvation Army store last Thursday night, I did find a pair of shoes that look a lot like the style of ladies shoes worn in the Pirates of the Carribean movie. They are black suede, with a one inch heel of the right type, and couple of pearl brooches later, they are very piratey looking, if not quite period (I should call myself a privateer to Her Majesty, who lost her ship on a bet, LOL). I still want the Mary Janes for comfort issues if I can find them, but for $1.50, these are a good backup (they have a heel, and I am worried about being on my feet for 3 days straight in them).

Eek! So much to do, so little time!!!

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