Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The last few days I've had sort of a problem.

My appetite is pretty low right now. When I am hungry, I have not been able to eat much before feeling icky. It's like, "Mini Hungry." I've been closely monitoring what I put on my plate, to avoid overeating for my newly reduced appetite (I tend to just eat what's on the plate, "clear your plate," was drilled into my head relentlessly in childhood).

At lunch today, I decided to treat myself to general chicken, from the Manderin, since I had to run errands anyway. I was not hungry while I waited for my take-out food, and I was not hungry yet when I arrived back and work 10 minutes later to eat it.

I ate anyway, and it was just as good as ever, but I am miserably stuffed, and will probably not eat dinner tonight because of it. This will not be a fun afternoon.

I wonder if it is just stress, or something else?

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