Monday, January 29, 2007

The deep freeze

Okay, so it's not really all that cold out for Iowa in January. However, because it just really hasn't been as cold as usual, I haven't had a chance to get used to it, to enjoy the exhileration of winter. It's just cold.

My toes are frozen after being out and about tonight. We had a meeting, which actually went really well. Dare I say that the kids are actually excited about this weekend? In any case, the kids had fun pulling out the really cold weather gear. Yes, we have two who are going to sleep in a tent this weekend. Me? I'm going to be inside the cabin, right under the heating vent.

Right now I am in layers, in front of the computer, with my slippers on, my hooded sweatshirt (hood up), and a blanket.

Stressfull week ahead... Too many appointments at work, which may make things interesting if things break. I think I may be going for a record in how many laser cutter training sessions I can do in a day on wednesday - seven total: four on cutter 2, three on cutter 1. And the three sessions on cutter 1 are supposed to happen at the same time as three of the sessions on cutter 2. Most sessions have two people. This will take careful planning to make sure it works. I have a couple sessions tomorrow, too.

Like I said, careful planning, and a lot of hard work to make sure nothing crops up to derail this balancing act.

At least I'll be busy enough at work that I won't get cold. :)

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nerdgarden said...

I know *exactly* how you feel. We midwesterners should totally be used to it, but I agree that the recent mildness has probably caught us off guard a bit. I was about halfway from the parking garage to my building this morning and realized that my (uncovered, yes, stupid) hands HURT. After maybe a hundred feet of being exposed to the air. Brrr.....

Have fun with the cutter training.